About us

Time... how fast it is and how difficult it is to slow down. Blog started in 2007, then-free Blogspot platform and without their domain. Yes, and he does not Spomoni was called, and different. Then bought a domain, tied, and rushed...

What not... Tons of advertisers, battles with other bloggers, posts about the meaning of life, the desire to finish everything, the triumph of victory. Everything was and the blog was always with me. I wrote when I was good, I wrote when I was bad, and wrote because it was necessary, I wrote because I wanted, I wrote because they paid. But I always wrote.

Recently a blog is banned (06.2011) Blogspot. I'm more of a month trying to restore it, he wrote in different institutions, but all in vain. In spite of this free service, I did what should have been done long ago, namely switched to WordPress. Now I have my own hosting (obviously not in Ukraine and not in Russia), its own database, which I periodically to bekapy, your ftp is not life, and raspberry! In addition, unlimited possibilities - write what you want.

Yes, I lost my old articles, but so what? Yes, I lost a bit in the traffic, so what? But now I have my own personal blog on my personal platform and I like it.

're going to continue to actively blogging, because the fact there were a lot.